The discovery of novel native microbial systems has now triggered a gold rush, whereby unique microorganisms can be used for the optimal production of molecules and their analogues, aiming to be explored for applications ranging from powerful medicines to food ingredients. At the same time, start ups like our group and other partners constitute the new R&D providers to large Biotech groups and Pharmaceutical companies. Bearing this in mind, Cluster Biotechnology has entered into a collaboration with one of the largest global probiotic suppliers, aiming to innovate in the medicinal cannabis field and other areas. We are excited about this opportunity, which was strategically and properly designed throughout 2019, and now we prepare to work towards bringing down the costs of important medications, while increasing their global availability. In addition, our first commercial outcome should be released within 12 months, followed by two other aims being later brought to market. A new facility has been established with support from the QLD State Government, which will now combine biodiscovery and genetic engineering to create relevant outcomes for individuals, companies and governments. Contact us to find out more, and check our news space for regular updates.

Natural molecules found in Australia and overseas are being used for the development of innovative medicines, treatment options and medical devices. In addition, purified compounds will be soon tested and disclosed, as they are obtained through our proprietary systems.




The preliminary laboratory testing of a mixture containing long-lasting probiotics, led to the creation of a coating spray that prevents ammonia volatilisation from poultry manure, through its breakdown and immediate intracellular Nitrogen accumulation. In addition, antimicrobial and antioxidant properties of the mixture promoted manure sanitation, as well as its ultimate recycling into a biofertiliser-coated and nitrogen-rich input. More research work is now underway, both in Australia and overseas as Simpori (a Cluster Biotechnology subsidiary) was successful in securing $100,000 in grant funding from the QLD State Government, aiming to conduct field trials that will identify ideal conditions and accelerate the commercial release of this product.

Of note, Ammonia gas seriously affects the health and performance of poultry in sheds, and despite use of various strategies air quality-related losses can reach 5% per shed, corresponding to $30M in Australia alone or $285M globally. Since our innovation appeared to present better characteristics than competitor options used for poultry odour reduction, we then elaborated realistic project aims that will be further validated within industry settings. We expect this project and its outcomes to contribute towards creating significant jobs, besides elaborating the foundations for the widespread use of Australian probiotic technologies. We also foresee involving university students, elaborating technical publications, and organising consumer communications aimed at creating a positive market perception. 

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