A push back on fruit flies

AGRIFORTE is the first probiotic pesticide developed for protection of crops, backyards, warehouses and shops against infestation by fruit flies.

Independent Australian field trials and laboratory tests have confirmed Agriforte's organic action against larvae and adult insects, using innovative and safe mechanisms that add value to agriculture and the entire food chain.


Innovative Organic Fruit Fly Pesticide

Larvicide properties

Protection against heavy pressure

Heavy-pressure trial: 50-75 flies in constant contact with produce within cages, at 25°C.

No protection

(larvae detected)


(no infestation)

Field protection against adult attack

No protection

(larvae detected - swipe mouse for more)



  • Safe, non-toxic and easy to apply by dissolving in irrigation water

  • Harmless to plants, bees, wildlife or soil microbes

  • Compatible with both organic & conventional agriculture

  • Does not require washing before harvesting or packing

  • Apply via spray (or fertigation for larvae control)

  • Agriforte's primarily repels fruit flies. If any come in contact with the product or treated produce, either adults or larvae, the second mechanism promote targeted insect killing, ultimately promoting effective population control.

Field trial results and mechanisms

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